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Wednesday, July 6

Webanswers Latest Thoughts

6th July- Suffolk Jason Formula© to Predict Webanswers Earnings

I've developed a formula to predict Webanswers earnings based on input from other Webanswers members experience and earnings. This formula is designed to work for members that have answered at least 100 questions, provide reasonable quality (an award ratio of at least 5%) and do not have a large bank of hundreds of awarded answers. There are a huge number of variables that determine Webanswers Earnings on a daily basis, but for a longer period of time (ideally at least a month), I believe this formula may give a reasonable estimate of earnings.

On the Webanswers website, I have received some good natured teasing about my obsession with developing this formula. However, I notice that nobody has come up with an alternative. It is mainly for fun but the other reasons for developing it were:

a) To optimize my earnings potential at Webanswers. If you can understand the main factors that determine earnings you can then change your approach accordingly.

b) To give new members some indication of their earning potential at Webanswers.

c) To stimulate discussion and for fun!

Suffolk Jason Formula©

Number of questions answered x Avg lines of text per answer x 1.25 cents = Earnings (+/- 20%)

If you read the links below you will see that the formula seems to work reasonably well for most people that tried it.

Lesson from the Formula

The lesson is quite simple; volume of text supplied is the main factor that determines earnings. How can you use this lesson?

a) Just be as active as possible, make sure that your answers have reasonable quality but don't worry about quality to the extent that its significantly restricts volume.

b) Most writers try to be as succinct as possible and spend time planning and collecting their thoughts. On Webanswers it would be better to just type away, volume is better than succinctness. However tie up your thoughts with a coherent conclusion.

c) The most important thing to do is to have fun! If you tackle questions that are within your comfort zone and you enjoy answering you are more likely to increase volume.

Here are the links that show other members earnings:



4th July 2011- June Earnings

Just posted my June earnings. They were a little disappointing at $12.66. For more details go to:

My Webanswers Earnings

20th June 2011 Other Webanswers Members Reveal their June Earnings

DrDarko asked a good question at Webanswers.com about June month to date (June 15th) earnings. He got a very good response mainly from relatively new members that enabled me to complete the following analysis:

I only looked at members that had answered at least 100 questions. The best indicator of earnings seems to be questions x average lines of text per question. In other words its not just the number of questions that counts but the number of words or lines of text. I looked at cents per line and if I excluded the lowest and highest figures (there were reasons for these outliers) then the range of earnings was:- 1.09, 1.1, 1.18, 1.26. 1.40, 1.41, 1.50.

My conclusion was that if you can maintain a reasonable award % (5% or more) you will earn somewhere between 1 and 1.5 cents per line of text supplied. Long established members may earn considerably more than this due to their large "banks" of awarded answers.

It seems that in order to maximize earnings, I should not worry so much about aiming for perfection in my answers but focus more on quantity whilst still maintaining a reasonable quality level. So I will:

a) Not worry about my award % unless it drops dramatically.
b) Answer a few more "for fun" type questions where you can just type away without thinking.
c) If I know a subject well give a very detailed answer.
d) Not worry too much about the commercial appeal of questions.
16th June 2011

The number of impressions now seem to be falling a little. I suspect that my answers are getting a little shorter. I wonder, what is the optimum answer length? I'll try to increase from about 10 sentences to 15 to 20 sentences and see if that increases my number of impressions.

14th June 2011

My impressions are holding up but earnings are still disappointing so far in June. I'm sticking to my plan to avoid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) type questions. I find if I select "most recent questions", there is usually at least one reasonably commercial non-SEO type question that I can tackle on each page of questions.

I've received one or two more awarded answers lately and my award ratio is now hovering around the 21% mark. I keep an eye on this percentage to make sure the quality of my answers is maintained.

13th June 2011

I've just completed a new page that lists my webanswers awarded questions. I haven't done this to brag but to show what sort of answers receive awards and to let me analyze where I do well. It took quite a long time to copy and paste 70 awarded answers! One thing I did notice was that many of the questions were related to SEO, making money online, Google etc. I think I have a lesson to learn. These sort of questions might be attractive for affiliate marketing but they are probably quite poor for Google Adsense.

People that are interested in making money online are less likely to click Adsense ads. One, because they are familiar with how they work and two, because they are probably, like me, paranoid about violating Google's TOS. So I'm going to try and discipline myself to avoid these type of questions. Hopefully this will improve my Webanswers click through rate (CTR).

10th June 2011

I have been updating this page with my number of questions asked and answered each day. I've been keeping quite consistent asking one question and answering three questions every day. I've also been tracking awarded answers and my cumulative awarded answer percentage. This has been stuck at about 20% for some time now.

I've decided to make this "report" more about my observations and thoughts. If I haven't got anything new to say I'll keep quiet! It's more accurate to call this "Latest Thoughts". Obviously I'll keep my monthly earnings report going (see link below).

My clicks and earnings in June so far have been disappointing. However I've managed to convince myself that I shouldn't consider earnings by day or by week. If earnings at the end of the month are still low then I will begin to worry. I explain this all more in the post monitoring google adsense impressions, clicks and earnings.

I think I'm beginning to get a reasonable understanding about Webanswers. There is one big gap in my knowledge; "What sort or passive earnings can you expect from awarded answers?". That might be a good question for the Webanswers community. If I can find out what to expect I'll let you know.

For monthly reports (including dollars earned) go to:-  My Record of WebAnswers Earnings.


  1. This is a really neat blog. I use Webanswers as well (under the user name JohnnySp89). I have been tinkering with it just to see how it works. I also have around a 20% awarded answer rate and I try to give detailed answers to questions. Unfortunately, I have only had time to answer about 5 questions per week. But I will pick up the pace after seeing some of your results. I will check back here frequently to see how you are doing! Best of luck.

  2. Thanks Sinclair89

    I'll look out for you on Webanswers. I'm sure that number of questions answered is very important. If you can get to 3 answers per day or more you are will certainly earn more.
    I answer 3 questions per day, I'm on course to earn about $20 in May.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! I have also started chronicling my adventures earning money online:

    I will post a link to your site because this is a great resource for Webanswers.

  4. Greetings!

    Excellent detailed information! I look forward to more.

    Robert (aka Mr No)

  5. What is your WebAnswers ID? I'm frinh

    I also write a blog about earning money online, not just WA, it's here