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My Record of WebAnswers Earnings

Webanswers Earnings June 2011 Update

In June my earnings decreased to $12.66 (see earnings details below). I was disappointed with this level as it was nearly $10 lower than May. I'm not sure what caused this decrease as I maintained my level of activity in line with May and my awarded ratio actually increased to 23.4%. I suspect that I may have to expect variations in earnings per month as my level of activity is relatively low compared to some of the most committed members all of whom seem to answer at least 10 questions per day.

Webanswers Earnings- May 2011 Update

In May my earnings increased to $22.03 (see earnings details below). I was pleased with this level as I had set myself a target of between $15 and $25. I kept to my plan of asking one question and answering three questions per day. I only had 5 days with zero earnings and most of these were at the beginning of the month. My earnings in April, from a similar level of activity, were $11.79. May earnings increased by 86.9% from the April level. I think this increase may have been due to a mix of factors:

a) I improved my awarded answer percentage from 16% to 19.9%. This would have improved my Quality Score and my number of impressions.
b) Increased views to my awarded answers. I don't think this had a big impact as views to my awarded answers have been low.
c) Past activity contributing to current earnings. As you build up a history of activity, views and clicks build.
d) General increased Webanswers activity. I checked Webanswers traffic activity at Alexa.com, this shows that Webanswers traffic has increased since the Google Panda hit in the first 4 months.

In June I'll keep to my plan of answering 3 questions and asking one question per day. I'll also get some simple social bookmarking backlinks to my awarded answers to see if I can increase views. I hope to increase earnings in June to between $25 and $35.

Earnings Details and Previous Months Reports

This is my record of WebAnswers earnings. I'll update each month so you can track my progress. I live in the UK so my earnings are in £ sterling. However most people using WebAnswers will be using US dollars, so I'll convert my earnings using a conversion rate of $1.60/£1.

I started using WebAnswers in early February, just in time for Google Panda! I don't think I'm ever going to make a fortune but I do enjoy answering questions and its great to see Adsense impressions everyday and clicks on most days.

Anyway here are my earnings to date:

February 2011

Questions Asked                7
Questions Answered        74
Earnings                      $6.37

March 2011

Questions Asked             16
Questions Answered       28
Earnings                     $9.44

April 2011  

Questions Asked            35
Questions Answered      95
Earnings                  $11.79

May 2011

Questions Asked           41
Questions Answered   109
Earnings                 $22.03

June 2011

Questions Asked           20
Questions Answered   105
Earnings                 $12.66

As you can see I didn't really take Webanswers seriously until April. Unfortunately this was just as the full impact of Google Panda hit most revenue sharing websites. I'm only spending a little time each day on WebAnswers. I answer 3 questions every day and also ask one question. I try to provide quality answers so it takes me between half an hour to one hour to do this.

Some people are answering tens of questions every day. I want to keep at this level to see the potential earnings as most people could manage to find about 45 minutes per day. In May I will keep at this level but I will do some backlinking of awarded answers and I'm hoping that my earnings will increase to between $15 and $25.

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