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WebAnswers review

WebAnswers Review - Summary

I would recommend WebAnswers.com to anyone new to making money online. Its quick to set up and you can start seeing impressions and clicks in a few hours. This is just the encouragement you need when you are starting out. Webanswers.com is not perfect, (see "Pros and Cons" below) and the earning potential is not outstanding, but it is the best revenue sharing website I have found for almost instant results. I will be updating this Webanswers review with my latest earnings and new findings on a regular basis.

What is WebAnswers.com?

WebAnswers.com is a Google Adsense revenue sharing, question and answer website. As soon as you sign-up as a member you can ask and answer questions. When you have answered 10 questions you can enter your Google Adsense publisher code and start earning money. There are 2 ways to earn:-

1. Awarded Answers

The member asking the question has the option to award what he or she believes to be the best answer. If you answer is awarded then all subsequent Google Adsense impressions and clicks are shared between you and the owners of WebAnswers.com. The split is 60:40 in your favor.

2. Answers Yet to Be Awarded

At any point in time the majority of current questions will not be awarded. This could be because there has not yet been a satisfactory answer or because the ask-er is waiting for more answers. In addition, a number of members don't seem to worry about awarding the best answer.

Google Adsense impressions and clicks are again shared between members and WebAnswer.com owners in the ratio 60:40. But which members get these impressions and clicks? This the is most complex part of WebAnswers.com so I will quote direct from their website:-

"In addition to earning ongoing advertising royalties on all questions awarded to your account via "Best Answer", you have the opportunity to earn significantly more money for your overall participation on this site. We do this by showing advertisements on your behalf on many other areas of the site (not just "Best Answers" awarded to your account) including questions you ask and answer. The formula we use to determine your additional on-site advertising exposure (showing ads on your behalf in many other areas of the site) is comprised of the following factors:
  • Account QS (Quality Score of your Postings)
  • Answer to Award Ratio
  • Answer Frequency
  • Other Relevant Factors
Most active experts on WebAnswers earn a significant portion of their money from advertisements displayed on other areas of the site. We display YOUR advertisements on other pages throughout WebAnswers using a proprietary formula incorporating the above factors. While we do not disclose the exact formula to determine how often we display your ads, we will mention quality of your answers is one of the most important factors.

The more value you provide the more likely you will earn even more money for your contributions."

See 'WebAnswers Tips" below for my ideas on how to maximize earnings through awarded and yet to be awarded questions.

WebAnswers Earnings

I joined WebAnswers.com on 8th February 2011.  After a couple of days familiarizing myself with the site, I started answering questions. I got my first Adsense impressions on February 12th and my first clicks on February 13th. Since then my record has been:-

February 2011

Questions Asked                7
Questions Answered        74
Earnings                      $6.37 (£3.98)

March 2011

Questions Asked             16
Questions Answered       28
Earnings                     $9.44 (£5.90)

April 2011  

Questions Asked            35
Questions Answered      95
Earnings                  $11.79 (£7.37)

May 2011

Questions Asked            41
Questions Answered    109
Earnings                  $22.03 (13.77)

In February, I averaged about 4 answers per day (remember I didn't join until 8th Feb.). In March, I answered less than 1 per day. In April, I decided to be more consistent and I tried to make sure I answered 3 questions and asked 1 question every day. I find that answering 3 questions per day takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

I believe that WebAnswers, like most Adsense sharing sites, was hit by the Google Panda updates that took place in the first quarter. My earnings in April only increased a little despite more consistent activity. In May, I have kept to my schedule of 3 answers per day. I saw an increase in earnings and I made just over $22.

My WebAnswers Experience

I've found the whole WebAnswers experience straightforward and stress free. Registration is simple and it's also easy to add your Adsense publisher's ID. What I really like is that you can fit answering questions around the rest of your day. You don't have to worry about your answer being rejected. You can just type away on subjects that you know well.

I mentioned above that I spend about 30 to 45 minutes per day on WebAnswers. The great thing is that it's very rarely a continuous period of time, it's usually 10 or 15 minutes here and there when I want a break from my other online tasks. Because answering a question is so easy I often find that it recharges my batteries and clears writer's block.

The vast majority of WebAnswers members are helpful and will offer good advice. So you get to enjoy yourself providing help in your areas of expertize and you earn useful cash at the same time. It's all good!

WebAnswers Tips

Remember that a large part of earnings are driven by your allocation of advertisements on non awarded answers. In fact, in the early months of membership when you do not have a bank of awarded answers the vast majority of your earnings will fall into this category. Even when you do have a bank of awarded questions, unless you backlink (see below) them heavily, earnings from awarded answers will only be a small part of your total earnings.

Here are my tips on how to maximize WebAnswers earnings based on my vast experience of three months!

1. Quality.

Your all important WebAnswers Quality Score (QS) is largely determined by the quality of your postings. So what makes a quality answer:-
  • An answer that answers the question and is detailed. Some members have suggested you should aim for at least 10 sentences. Some questions don't lend themselves to long answers. You could either ignore such questions or try to surprise and delight the ask-er with even more information than he or she was expecting.
  • Excellent spelling. I use Firefox as my browser and it has a useful feature to highlight misspelled words. I just found out that misspell is one of the 100 most commonly misspelled words in the English language!
  • Good grammar and punctuation. Webanswers is not looking for perfection but a reasonable level. You certainly shouldn't waste too much time worrying about commas and apostrophes (just as well for me).
  • Well spaced answers with appropriate use of paragraphs and bullet points.
  • Avoid copying and pasting information from other sites. Your Quality Score will soon be hit and persistent offenders could be banned.
2. Activity

I think that answering questions regularly (daily if possible), is one of the most important factors. The more questions you answer, the more you will earn. In addition, if you don't answer questions for a few days your earnings will soon start to decrease.

3. Commercial Appeal of Questions

If possible, you should try to answer questions that are likely to attract well paying adverts through Google Adsense. Good categories to choose are health, finance, law, business and any product centered questions. Such questions are much more likely to attract valuable clicks than categories such as philosophy or religion.

4. Knowledge

Try to stick to your areas of expertize or areas that you would like to research and learn about. You will be able to answer questions quickly and are more likely to have your answer awarded.

5. Referrals

Webanswers offer a useful referral program. If somebody signs up using your referral code, WebAnswers adwards you an extra 10% of that person's impressions. This does not reduce his or her earnings but you get an extra 10%. In other words WebAnswers reduce their normal 40% take to 30% and awards the 10% to you.

It's easy to get your own unique referral code from the WebAnswers site. Because WebAnswers is totally free and a proven way to earn cash you can recommend it with a clear conscience. As long as you explain that it's not a get rich scheme you can recommend it to all your friends and family.

In my view, the above 5 points are the most important. There are some extra tactics you can use to maximize your earnings:-

6. Backlink your awarded answers. It's quite easy to get some quick backlinks using social media and social bookmarking sites. If you have a blog, you could have a page to record your awarded answers. A little backlinking will increase the number of views and potential clicks.

7. In order to increase your number of awarded answers, check the profile of the ask-er. Does he or she regularly award answers? What sort of answers do they prefer? Succinct and humorous or long with lots of information?

8. Try to ask questions as well. Pick commercial topics. Webanswers award some Adsense views of non-awarded questions to the person asking the question.

WebAnswers.com Pro's and Con's


1. It's easy to start earning almost immediately. It's like a primer for making money online.

2. It's enjoyable and stress-free. No chance of rejection!

3. Registration and linking to your Google Adsense account is simple.

4. The vast majority of members are friendly and helpful.

5. If you have any burning question (about WebAnswers or life in general) you can usually get useful answers qucikly.


1. You will not make a fortune or even a second income.

2. As for any revenue sharing site, you are in the hands of the site's owners and Google.

3. You cannot see your WebAnswers Quality Score or know precisely how it is calculated.


This was a longer post than I was intending. I did think about breaking it up. In the end I decided that it was best to give the whole picture in one go. I'm sure it's not complete and there are some points I've missed. If you have any questions or tips or information that should be included in this review, please use the comment box below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I've done really well on WebAnswers with referrals. I spent a whole week doing nothing but advertising my referral code, and it has paid off. I do find, however, that people come on WebAnswers for a few months and then disappear. I certainly post a lot less now than I did when I first started. BTW I'm frinh on WebAnswers.

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